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Step 1: Begin By Using The Product Calculator


Use this product calculator and tell us about your business. We’ll then customize a subscription to match your usage needs

Step 2: View Your Recommended Starter Kit


Take a look at the recommended starter kit. Based on the business needs you inputted in the product calculator, you’ll receive a starter kit with a recommended number of sanitizer packs and a selection of wall-mounted and desktop dispensers.

Step 3: Customize Your Starter Kit


Your starter kit is customizable. If you think you may need more or less sanitizer, or, say, 3 wall-mounted dispensers are recommended but you really only want 2, you can change it.

Step 4: Set Your Subscription Frequency


Now is the time to choose how many 1L packs you will need every month and set your restock volume. In a drop-down menu, you can select how many products you will need and how often you will need them. For example, you can have one 4-pack delivered every month or every other month, based on your business needs.


Step 5: Adjust Your Subscription Any Time

It’s difficult to anticipate how much sanitizer your company will go through. Needs change from month to month, and you may find that one month you’ll go through it quicker than the next. We’ve designed our subscription model to be flexible so you’re never short on sanitizer, but you’ll never be swimming in it either.

You can login to your account and adjust the volume of sanitizer or how often you receive deliveries at any time.

If you just need a quick top-up, you can also purchase a la carte between deliveries. We really want to make the process as painless and convenient as possible because we believe hand sanitizer should always be available and accessible, especially now.

Starter Kits

Our starter kits are designed to include everything your business needs to make setting up for reopening and remaining open as convenient as possible. No matter what your business size, we have what you need to get started.

Once you’re set, your subscription will automatically fill and ship your chosen amount of replacement sanitizers so you’ll always be well-stocked, and you’ll never run out.

Our kits include:

  • The volume of sanitizer decided by you based on your business needs
  • The number of wall-mounted or desktop dispensers based on your requirements

You choose how much sanitizer and how many dispensers you will need to set your workplace up properly so you won’t need to worry in the future.

The number of dispensers you need will depend on your number of employees and high-traffic areas. We recommend considering 1 dispenser for every 3 employees, and strategically placing them where they’ll be used most often.

Subscription Benefits

Our subscription model is designed to keep you well-stocked with our amazing sanitizing products so you will never run out of supply.

To make our subscription model even more appealing, you will save 20% on hand sanitizer and 50% on any dispensers.

We’re flexible as well. If you need to change your subscription settings at any time, you can do it. There’s no catch and no cancellation penalties.

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